Wednesday, May 18, 2011

cookies and cream cupcakes

Beware, after making these I have the worst stomach ache ever, due to excessive bowl licking. Oreo lovers, this is your cupcake! A vanilla cupcake with an oreo cookie base and cookie pieces inside, topped with cream cheese frosting and oreo crumbs. Helllllo heaven! 

I got the recipe from annie's eats

I followed the recipe and made the cupcakes from scratch, I bet you have most of the ingredients you need in your pantry! But you will need an electric mixer....more on that to come.

You can use the other halves for the cookie bits in the middle and the crumb toppings!


My helper (he's scared of the mixer hahaha)


Of course, it wouldn't be my life unless something weird happened while I was baking. My mom got this mixer from her it's more than 20 years old. I don't think it could handle the cream cheese frosting because all of a sudden it started making a funny vibrating noise and smelled like it was burning. I thought it was going to explode (naturally) so I threw it outside on my deck incase it blew up...bye bye mixer. Good news, the frosting was perfect. 

Insidee :)

Calories never tasted so good. 

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  1. Oh.. my gosh. I am obsessed! The half-open cookie at the bottom is genius! & Sammy is presh :)