Monday, May 9, 2011

aprons almost too cute to cook in

For my first post I figured I had to do something that combined both clothes and baking, so what would fit that more perfectly than cute aprons! As soon as I get my summer job figured out, one of these aprons will be the first thing I buy! 

If you've ever been into Anthropologie you have to agree that its decor is adorable, but all of the clothing, bedding, and knick knacks can be overwhelming! I always head to the sale section, because as cute as Anthropologie's clothes are, they can be rather pricey. After rummaging through the sales racks, I can't resist browsing through the kitchen supplies, here are some of my favorite aprons from this season. 

"Dotty Match Apron" $32.00

"Tea-and-Crumpets Apron" $32.00

"Baker's Delight Apron"


I came across a website called, who specialize in aprons for a "real woman." I think that  they can be found in stores, but I'd check out the website for the most variety. 

"Marilyn Sugar N Spice" $27.95

"Original Cherry Blossom" $32.95

All of the above are great for baking around your roommates or family, but if you're making a special romantic dinner, these lingerie aprons from Victoria's Secret are super sexy, and give off a playful vibe at the same time. They are a little expensive, but I think they're worth it! If you're worried about not getting enough use out of it, it could always double as a Halloween costume! They start at cup size B, not fair for A girls like me :( but you can always wear another bra under them!

"Lace Apron Babydoll" $58.00

"Point d' Esprit Apron" $58.00

If these aprons don't make you want to start baking, I hope they inspire you to go shopping! 

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