Friday, May 13, 2011

a cake only a mother could love

So, today is my mom's birthday, and I had this vision of a wonderful cake that I was going to bake was an epic fail. There is a reason I like cupcakes more than cake: because they're easier to make.

Here is what NOT to do while baking a cake, although, I did manage to salvage it!

1) Gather the needed ingredients 

I chose to just use a standard box mix for this cake, for the sole reason that I know it is almost impossible to mess up :) 

2) Bake the cake

Everything went okay so far, then disaster stuck...

3) Frost middle layer of cake, then put top layer on


Where I went wrong was not letting the cakes cool enough before taking them out of the pans, I thought 30 minutes was enough, but I was way wrong.

4) Frosting 

By using frosting as filling/glue, I managed to salvage the cake and give myself a major stomach ache by eating half a can of it. 

5) Decorate! 

This is the first time I ever tried to make rosettes with a frosting tip, I have way more respect for all the bakers on TV cake shows, it's hard! I used store bought icing tubes and attached a frosting tip to the end of it, messy and unprofessional, but they turned out okay!

Then I added flat sprinkles and of course, birthday candles! 

Cake crisis averted. 

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