Monday, May 9, 2011

clothes you can steal from your mom

You know that feeling when you go to your closet and think "I have nothing to wear", even though your closet doors are struggling to close because it's so full? So then you grab your car keys to run to the mall, and then you realize, you're broke. Welcome to my life. 

In honor of Mother's Day (even though it was yesterday) this post is dedicated to clothes you can steal from your mom! Instant new outfit without breaking the bank! I'm lucky that my mom is also petite so I can borrow some of her clothes, but if you two aren't the same size don't fear! There are lots of accessories you can nab too!

Here are some of my top finds!

1) old school sweatshirts 

This sweatshirt actually belonged to my boyfriend's mom, but due to its boxy shape, it was a little too small for her. It used to be a crew neck sweatshirt, but I'm all about the comfy off the shoulder thing so I cut the neck. At school I love to wear sweatshirts like this with leggings and a long tank underneath. Bonus points if it has an old school logo!

(sweatshirt - Pat's mom, shorts - Hollister, chucks - Converse) 

2) vintage satchels 

I couldn't believe it when I stumbled upon a vintage Chanel satchel in my mom's closet. Yes, it's real! The only set back is that it's navy and I wear more black than navy, but it's designer and free so I'm not complaining! Her mom gave it to her before I was born, and the saying is true, if you keep something long enough it will come back in style! One of the perks about this being old school is that fanny packs were in way back, so it came with a belt that you could attach the purse to and wear around your waist. I'll never wear the purse on the belt, but I plan on wearing the belt by itself as soon as I found an outfit it goes with! (I'm thinking wifebeater, jeggings, and gold heels as sort of a rocker look?)

3) button down shirts 

I took two button down shirts from my mom and they are my ultimate go-to outfit. I think they were originally men's shirts, I'm not sure if she acquired them or bought them purposely as men's shirt so I belt them to give them a little bit more shape. When it's warm out I like to wear them with white shorts for a preppy summery look and in the winter I love to wear them with black leggings, a long white tank, and riding boots.

(shirt - Mom, shorts - abercrombie kids, belt - GAP) 

4) belts

Cinching your waist with belts was big about twenty years ago, and it recently came back the past few years. If your mom was in the baby boomer generation I guarantee she has some lurking in the depths of her closet. These three belts are great for high waisted skirts and I love the red one with black dresses!

Happy closet raiding!!

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