Friday, May 13, 2011

channel your inner surfer girl

I don't know about you, but for the last three weeks I've been on the "finals diet" which consists of not working out and eating everything in sight. Yesterday I went on my first run in forever (well, it was more of a run a minute, walk a minute) and was amazed at how much better I felt about myself afterwards! I was feeling pretty skinny and tan and had an urge to dress like a surfer girl for the rest of my day.

Surfer girls are the epitome of effortlessness. (Think Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush) You don't have to be tan or blonde to look like a surfer girl! Here are my steps to finding that fearless, natural California beauty in yourself!

1)  Work out
I'm not talking about getting in shape to run a marathon, just a few crunches or pushups and I guarantee you'll feel more confident afterwards!

2)  Minimal Makeup 
I know it's only May so your summer tan hasn't set in yet, but that doesn't mean you can't fake a sunkissed glow! I'm obsessed with bronzer, some magazines say to only dust it on your forehead and cheekbones, but I use it all over my face. Just be sure to use a color that compliments your skin tone and blend it into your neck! You dont want to look like an oompa loompa.

Clinique, $24.50

I love Clinique's Sunkissed bronzer, but drugstores have an endless variety of cheaper brands!

Now you can't forget blush, I love Nars blush in Super Orgasm because it has a hint of shimmer and warms up my face. I think this color looks great on anyone, we used to use it for stage makeup in dance!

Nars, $27.00

And that's all you need for makeup! If you want you can add mascara or a light brown eyeliner, but keep it simple. 

3) Tousled Hair
I've never dyed my hair before, but I am guilty of using Sun-In, a mixture of lemon juice and bleach that you spray in wet hair when you're at the pool or beach to bring out natural highlights. Just beware, it works best on natural blondes (strawberry and dirty included) and may bring out a brassy orange color in brunettes! Brunettes, you can try just plain lemon juice in your hair at the pool, I've heard this also brings out highlights! 

Now that you've got the sunkissed locks down, its time for that natural beachy hair look. I have wavy hair naturally so I just let it air dry and leave my windows down when I drive to achieve the tousled look. If you have straight hair, braid it when its wet and let it dry naturally for waves or use a wave inducing product like Garnier Fruitcis Surf Hair Paste. 

Drugstores, $3.99 

4) Laid Back Style 
Now the most important part, the outfit. When I think of surfer girls I think super casual, flip flops, old school sneakers, cutoff jean shorts, wifebeaters, and t-shirts. But this look works best on the boardwalk, not for running around town!

To channel my inner surfer girl I went with navy twill shorts from Hollister, 

HCO, $25.00

A basic, cropped white tee from Forever 21 that I wore off the shoulder, similar to this one

Forever 21, $7.90

A studded leather skinny belt from GAP, (see belt paired with striped shirt in "clothes you can steal from your mom") 

And of course, the old school sneakers, I'm a huge fan of converse (TGOD anyone?) but slip on and lace up vans are perfect for this look as well, the more worn in, the better! Hint: If you're wearing high tops with shorts, they look best with the top two holes unlaced! 


I don't know about you, but I suddenly have the craving to watch Blue Crush. Rock on my lovely surfer babes! 

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  1. LOVE this post! Can we be surfer girls all next year? I'm totes using this as my style inspiration <3