Sunday, July 24, 2011

feather earrings

I know you've seen them everywhere and I wasn't feeling it at first, but feather earrings are now one of my new favorite accessories for summer. They're a little tribal meets Steven Tyler but I love the natural trendy vibe they give off!

I got short black and white ones from Nordstrom and wear them with either plain t-shirts or sundresses and I loveee the way they look with my fedora!

(Nordstrom $10.00)

If you have longer hair the more dangly, the better! Rock just one so it looks like it's part of your hair, or if you have short hair, just one looks super edgy. If you want a more glam look, go for ones that have rhinestones or metal feathers woven into the actual feather. 

Just be sure you don't accidentally brush them when you're brushing your hair or else you'll damage them :( 

For some reason all the websites I wanted to use were being testy with pictures but stores like Urban Outfitters, Claire's, and Forever 21 all have great selections of feather earrings!

Go channel your inner indian princess! 

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  1. obsessed with feathers! i want feather earrings so bad to match my extensions!