Monday, August 8, 2011

little yellow dress

You know I love a little black dress, but sadly, sky high heels and short hemlines aren't exactly appropriate for day time.

Solution? The little yellow dress!

I got this $44.00 Lush dress at Nordys the other day and have fallen in love with it. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it has a sweetheart neckline, pockets, and is actually yellow and gray stripes. 

I know what you're thinking, how many times can you wear a yellow dress? $44.00 is a lot to spend on a rather memorable colorful dress! Wrong!

I've only worn it once but I've already thought of three different outfits that I can do with this dress by combining it with items I already had in my closet! Check out my grainy attempts to recreate an In Style outfit layout for ideas on how to change up a colorful dress you may already own!

The Casual Outfit

This is the outfit I would go to if I was just running errands or going to the mall. To me it says "I just threw this on but I still cute as anything." My fedora is my favorite summer accessory so of course I had to sneak it in one outfit! Denim is a huge trend for fall, and a jean vest is lighter than a jacket for summer, pair it with old school sneakers and you're comfy and cute.

Fedora - Nordstorm, Belt - Nordstrom, Jean Vest - American Eagle, Converse - Journeys 

The Concert/Class Outfit 

Cowboy boots are my favorite shoes to wear with flirty dresses, and this outfit just screams summer country concert. On campus I do a lot of walking and I've had my cowboy boots since 9th grade so they're super comfy when I go to class. A studded belt and leather accessories like the watch make the look a little more pulled together. Don't mind the million different shades of brown, blame it on my totally unprofessional lighting and camera flash, promise it looks better in real life!

Watch - Picket Fence, Belt - GAP, Satchel - Dooney and Burke, Boots - Rampage

The Housewife Outfit

This is my favoriteee outfit combo. I call it the housewife outfit because it reminds me of old tv shows where the moms would vacuum in pearls and heels. I wore it to work yesterday and murdered my feet but it was worth it! Pops of color make the dress look totally different than the other looks. If I was wearing this to class I would ideally pair it with red flats but sadly I don't own a pair yet :( (hint hint future Christmas present)

Handbag - Kohls, Sunglass - Rayban, Nail polish - CoverGirl, Belt - my mom's, Cardi - Hollister, Shoes - Aldo 

I hope this gave you ideas on how to mix up your favorite sundress! Happy outfit creating! 

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