Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rugged Wearhouse

Attention bargain hunters! I've rediscovered an amazingly cheap store, Rugged Wearhouse! 

Never been there before? It's like a Ross meets a thrift store and sells clothes marked down to about 70% of their original price. I can't take credit for rediscovering it, I went out with some friends and one of the girls had on a super cute black cold shoulder dress (cut out shoulders) and told me it was from Rugged Wearhouse.

 I totally copied her and went out and got the dress, for $7.99. I also found some killer wedges for $9.99. An entire outfit for under $20? That's pretttty awesome.

You do have to dig a little to find good things, but for prices like that it's definitely worth the time. They also had combat boots for $15.00, tons of heels, purses, even men's clothes. They have brands like Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden, Dickies, Jessica Simpson, and when I was in elementary school I used to get Abercrombie clothes from there too!

I think that every store has different products, but check out their website to find a store close to you!

Happy bargin hunting :)

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