Sunday, July 10, 2011

double chocolate raspberry cupcakes

Today my boyfriend was visiting so I let him choose the kind of cupcakes he wanted me to bake and he decided on double chocolate raspberry, yummm.

I'm a devoted chocolate lover so this cupcake was a huge hit with me. It has a super moist chocolate cake, but the recipe calls for coffee, which gives it a kind of mocha flavor, a raspberry jam filling, and is topped with chocolate ganche and a fresh raspberry. 

I've never made a cupcake with filling before, so it was a little messy and not a lot of filling got inside the cupcake, probably because I was using an icing tube to insert it, so my next kitchen tool will definitely be a filling injector! We used fresh raspberries instead of the frozen ones the recipe called for and didn't filter out the seeds (due to laziness) but the filling still turned out delicious! 

I'd also never made a ganche before, but it isn't hard at all! We found that it spread better on the cupcakes  after being refrigerated for about 15 minutes. 

They turned out absolutely delicious and I can't wait to remake them once I get a proper filling tool! 

(Notice the cupcake apron from my very first post! Thanks mom<3)

Happy baking!

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