Saturday, July 2, 2011

basic to bling

I've done it again, tried on something I shouldn't have at work and fallen in love with it only to be totally turned off by the price tag. This week's love interest is a pair of SteveMadden satin pumps, with the heels blinged out in rhinestones. Obsessed. 

Perfect height, platform, and comfortable? Hellooo my perfect party shoe. Ironically, this heel is called "Partyy-R" and comes with a $129.95 price tag. Then I got to thinking, I could totally make this myself! I had a pair of satin black pumps from Wet Seal with bows on the back that are a little bit too low for my taste and I couldn't bear to possibly destroy my favorite platform pumps so I decided to recreate these $139.95 SteveMadden heels instead:

hot glue gun
glue sticks
black heels
lotsss of patience 


(Don't mind the leftover mud from Halloween)

Glue the rhinestones in the middle of the bow first:

Then I just started on the inner edge of the bow and kept doing rows! 

Personally I think they turned out adorable! The shoes cost $26.00 originally, plus $21.00 for all the supplies, equaling a grand total of $47.00.  Compare at the orignal price of $140.00? Sorry SteveMadden! Plus now I get the bragging rights of saying I made them all on my own :) Happy bedazzling!

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