Thursday, June 23, 2011

too fresh

I ran into a friend from school at a party the other weekend and he was super excited to tell me about a new project he and some of his other friends have started. It's called Too Fresh Clothing and their new products just came out on the 21st! 

My friend is a graphic designer and an amazing artist so he put his talents to good use and created fun logo t-shirts for an inexpensive cost! 

On their website the boys state  "Too Fresh Clothing is more than just a clothing brand, it's a life style. Inspired by New York City and the urban environment we strive to provide our customers with the latest fashion and trends. What started off as a basement operation grew to a successful brand. With plans to expand to hoodies, hats and many other products in the near future be sure to check back for updates."

I especially like the clever NY skyline/bar code t-shirt $14.99, 

Imagine it paired with black leggings and chucks, hello cute comfy outfit to hit the stacks in! 

Ever heard of the naked undie run? Where people run a mile in their underwear? Well the boys are going to create t-shirts for the event and I think I might have talked my friend into making boyshorts for the girls. Undies that say Too Fresh on your cheeks? I'm sold. 

Check out the ambitious and talented boys' work at

I think they're worth a look and keep an eye out, I think they're on to something! 

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