Wednesday, June 15, 2011

one for one

TOMS has done it again! Given us an excuse to shop for cute stuff that supports a worthy cause!

TOMS unveiled its new one for one product last week and surprise! It's sunglasses! (If you aren't familiar with their shoe line, check out my post a few days down and learn about their adorable footwear.) While the company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you buy, their sunglasses have a totally new program.

For every pair of sunglasses you buy, TOMS will help someone in need who has poor eyesight by either

1) giving them medical treatment 

2) providing eyeglasses

3) paying for sight saving surgery

The generosity of the company seriously amazes me. As someone with terrible eyesight, I'm a -7.5 in one eye and a -6.75 in the other, I know how terrible it is to not be able to see with corrective vision. Eye surgery, medical treatment, even just glasses can truly change someone's life. Imagine if you weren't able to see when you woke up, we take so much for granted everyday and just one pair of sunglasses can change someone's life.

The sunglasses are a little more than I would usually spend on a pair, ranging from $135.00 to $145.00 but I honestly think it's worth it just because of the cause. I haven't tried a pair on yet, but I'm planning on getting the aviators with my next paycheck.

They come in three classic styles but in a variety of tints and frame colors.




I hope that TOMS charity inspires you to either support their cause or even just think about supporting another worthy cause <3 

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